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Watch a 2.5 hour live demonstration of a Lash Lift & Tint + LashBrow using My Lamination’s Lash Lifting System and ask your burning questions in a 1 hour Q&A with our experienced and skillful Trainers!

Each ticket comes with a Certificate of Attendance and a My Lamination Trial Kit with enough product for 5 Lash Lifts!

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Lash Lift Watch & Learn

Our My Lamination Lash Lift Watch & Learn is an in-person class for Lash Lift Technicians who already have plenty of experience, and want to learn more about My Lamination Products and gain PRO insight from our Trainers! Watch them work their Lash Lifting Magic during a 2.5 hour live demonstration and ask questions about their technique along the way! After the demonstration, you can ask even more questions during our 1 hour Q&A session, and take home a Certificate of Attendance PLUS a My Lamination Trial Kit with enough product to last for 5 clients!

Who is the Master Class for?

  1. Those who already offer Lash Lifts as a service and want learn fresh techniques to perfect their craft
  2. Those who have have specific questions they’d like to ask our Head Trainer for thorough explanation
  3. Those who are looking for a new brand for their Lash Lifts and want to learn about My Lamination
  4. Those who have never performed a Lash Lift before and want a good introduction to the procedure before committing to a full course


- If purchasing multiple tickets, please provide the names of each attendee

- This class is demonstration only, there will be no practice models for attendees

- This class does NOT include a 20% off site-wide student code. Only full course purchases will receive such code.


    Please reach out to your local trainer for inquiries