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my lamination

IS All About Lash & Brow Health


My Lamination is an Italian professional Lash & Brow Lift line founded in 2018. Since then, our mission has been to raise the education standard within the industry, helping lash and brow technicians around the world become confident in their services while also using safe, high quality products to achieve the desired results.


My Lamination is a very gentle yet effective product range for Lash and Brow Lamination. After each Lash Lamination your clients will come back with healthy lashes which are measurably and visibly longer, thicker, and fuller.

Vitamin Lashbrow is a product that instantly nourishes the hair and gives it health and thickness but keeps on working to promote length and fullness.  Vitamin Lashbrow is part of our lamination protocol .

Our Hydrating serum, the final step, will seal the hair cuticle and prevent any damage to the lash/brow hairs as well as dissolve all glue.

Once opened our generous sachets (3 times the size of other brands)  will not lose effectiveness for 8 weeks. No more wasting product.

My Lamination has received numerous awards for product excellence, including:

  • The Best Academy of Lamination Award, Italy (2019)

  • Brand of the Year Award, USA (2020)

  • Brand of the Year Award, Italy (2019)

My Lamination is the ONLY company whose students and trainers were awarded more than 250 times in International Championships.


The Research and Development Laboratories and the University of Padova (Italy) have carried out the study of eyelashes treatment effectiveness.

CONCLUSION: A significant increase of the eyelashes average diameter.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the eyelashes volume after a professional cosmetic treatment.

The measurements results in the electron microscope are an example of the eyelashes diameter in microns.

The test is performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki at the World Medical Association, on the basis of an average participant at the age of 44.95 years (between 18 and 65 years of age).

The measurements of the diameter in the photo are performed with ESEM (magnification of 1000 times):
– T0 before the treatment.
– T1 immediately after the My lamination treatment.
– TF after 1 month of daily use of the Vitamin Eyelash Serum Home product (morning and evening)